Tuesday, April 22, 2014

October 2013

Spent lots of hours snuggling this little guy at the hospital. 

Hello World. Love, Jensen Tanner Staheli

Grandma Sue, Aunt Alyse and Olivia visiting at Mountain View Hospital.

Brent Tanner, Tanner John, and Jensen Tanner at the hospital.

Enjoying our first days together.

Ready to go home 10.12.13

Huge fan of the snug-a-bunny swing from the first day home.

Not a fan of the pacifier, dang it.

Aunt Janae came over to take pictures. You weren't too excited, so she threw in some snuggle time.

Visit from Grandpa Blaine and Grandma Sue. 

Had to buy our Jensen some hats to keep that bald head warm, although his mullet was keeping the back toasty.

Figuring things out.

Tried on some 0-3 month clothes. Not quite ready.

Fan of the stroller and so is mom. We had beautiful weather and were able to get out in 65 degree temperatures the first few weeks Jensen was home.

A visit from Grandma Karen and Grandpa John.

Fuzzy bath picture. Jensen loved the water.

This handsome boy has some big hands.

Meeting great grandma Jayne Andrus at her condo in Orem.

Halloween 2013. Olivia was a ladybug and Jensen a mummy. We trick-or-treated at Grandpa Hales house. Grandma and Grandpa Staheli came over to see Jensen on his first Halloween.

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