Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I smell like campfire.

I love summer and I love outdoors. Since getting married, I've realized my ideal outdoor adventures are rather tame. For example, I like peeing in toilets and not in the wilderness. Brent on the other hand, basks in the opportunity of "roughing it".  Now, obviously it is more enjoyable for men to pee in the wilderness as they have complete control over that activity. Me, I don't enjoy squatting by a bush with a fear of potentially peeing on myself. (TMI I know).

Anyways, over the past month, Brent and I have had some great outdoor adventures and he's been kind enough to find me toilets all along the way.

The weekend of the 4th, Brent and I took my dad's four wheelers down to a random little place called Vernon. Its way the crap in the middle of nowhere... think Eureka and then 50 random miles after that. But it sure was pretty. There is a nice little reservoir and a whole lot of pretty mountain views. I like to forget my camera, so I don't have any pictures, but we enjoyed our time playing with all of Brent's friends who we met up with.

We shot shotguns, went fishing, took the four wheelers on a fun rider, sat around the campfire, accidentally burned holes in some camp chairs, made s'mores {my favorite} and slept under the stars.  

The weekend before that, Brent and I had a bonfire up Payson Canyon. 

My Cute Husband

Last weekend, Brent's cousin Derek got married down at the Brian Head Ski Resort. Brent's family friends have a cabin at Panguitch Lake which is just about 15 miles from Brian Head, so we spent the weekend there. As usual, I didn't have my camera for the important event (sorry no wedding pics), but I did grab a few shots of Brent fishing and of my nieces at the cabin.

Pretty Rainbow Trout

Cute Nieces Audrey and Sidney

My Mother in Law Karen and Newest Niece Jordyn Kate.

Altogether, we've been loving spending time outside together this summer. We're excited to keep the adventures coming as we head to Lake Tahoe for the Hales Family Reunion in just a few weeks!