Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Is it really already the end of March?

I'm not going to lie. The only thing that gets me through this dreary (and long) month of March is Basketball. Really though, what were the Egyptians, Babylonians, or whoever else made the first calendar thinking by giving us such a long cold, wet  month without holidays? I guess I should actually blame our founding fathers or BYU for this holiday-less portion of the year, considering there aren't any national holidays and most definitely not a hint of a spring break here Provo.  Oh and I guess I should blame the cold part on living in Utah, the egypitans probably weren't subject to random blizzards in their geographic location.

Anyways, while March is not my favorite, I sure am grateful for it because I think its my husband's favorite month of the entire year. The basketball filled weekends have kept him happier than a little kid on Christmas. (Obviously his bracket has done a little better than mine:)) So, as a married woman, I have come to accept the month of March as a good thing.

In other news, last week we went out to a new place Mexican place called Milagros on 8th North in Orem, right next to WinCo. We went with a bunch of Brent's high school friends and their dates/fiances/girlfriends. (So thankful I am no longer in that category). It was really fun. The food was pretty good. Not my favorite but enjoyable. I still think Cafe Rio tops my list.

Brent's friend Chance and his girlfriend Melanie

Brent and I in the car after dinner, forgot to take a picture of us inside:)

Also, since it has been more than a little while since I last posted, I'll let you see the cuteness of my husband this past valentines day. *Don't worry that Brent and I have an extra special love for Valentines day because our first date was actually a blind set-up that somehow happened on Valentines day.

So somehow we still didn't have a dining table so brent picked up a table for the evening:)
Don't worry that I am slow to decorate... everything in my entire house.

Brent cooking up a secret dinner in our kitchen.

I made him try on my cute apron my amazing cousin JanaRae made me.

Hopefully his brothers don't see these pictures:)
Best Sweet and Sour chicken ever.

HOMEMADE German Chocolate Cake.

So Happy
Dinner... hopefully he decides to cook again one day. Haha

Hope you all made it through March. Anybody have any good ideas for Mexican restaurants? I'm looking for authentic spicy stuff. Very open to "dives" as well:).