Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Baby Boy Nursery

While the title of this post should read, "The Nursery that Never Got Finished", I'm still giving myself a B+ for effort.

Ever since we moved into our house, I've been so excited to put together our little boy's nursery. I had half an idea of what I wanted to do and was convinced my hunky husband could pull it off. You see, way back in the summer, Brent and I were gifted tickets to the Utah County Parade of Homes. It was there that I fell in deep deep love with a boys bedroom that had a barn wood (aka restored wood) wall. So, I was determined to make it happen in Jense's nursery.

After weeks of searching stores, KSL ads and craigslist posts with no luck, my amazing sister-in-law Janae surprised us with a truckload of barn wood she'd picked up from a friend who was tearing down a barn out in Mona. It was perfect.

One Friday night, Brent did his magic and built me the cutest barnwood wall and barnwood shelf. I hadn't expected it to be this great, but you really can't expect any less from this husband of mine.

The wall is definitely the highlight. I'm obviously still working on adding a few details, but I've realized I get very little done these days. I'm hoping to add some canvas storage bins to put toys and books in on either side of the crib, some cute blocks, and whatnot, but that'll happen when I teach Jensen how to take a binky so we can actually go into a store.

Also, I'm apologizing in advance for the quality of the photos. I've resorted to using my iPhone due to ease and availability.

Painting the nursery. 
We love the light grey/blue we chose. 
I especially love how gender neutral it is. 
I might just freshen up a few other rooms in my house with it. 
Please note, I did help with small portions of this project, although Brent is generally the only one pictured. Geez, I was pregnant people.

Building the barnwood wall. 
One of the reasons I especially love the barnwood, is that it isn't really typical for a nursery, so I'll be able to easily convert it into a child's room, office or guest room when/if the time comes. 
And, we put enough nails in the wall, that its not coming down.
Trust me.

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Crib Sheets.
I sewed my own crib sheets, cause the cute patterned ones I wanted were a ridiculous price. 
Who pays $39 for a single baby crib sheet? 
Come on.
Mine ended up costing $3.25 each.
And, I love them. 
I might need to make more because this kid loves to barf.

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The project in it's semi-completed state.
I'd still like to print out some prints of Jensen from the hospital and our newborn shoot, but haven't gotten that far. 
I also think I should probably replace the Africa canvas with a Noah's ark silhouette? 
I started out with African animals and then somehow added deer antlers and a baby lamb in the crib. 
Who knows what kind of theme that is. 

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burlap pillow, elephant nursery

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Burlap pillow, chic nursery

Patterned Rug.
This guy was a steal for $24 from Walmart.
Do we not all hate how much rugs cost?

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These antlers.
Brent let me wrap an old antler rack in hemp.
I like it better than I though I would.
Oh, I might have also had to wrap it twice because I dropped it on my tile floor and broke the antlers in two pieces.
Super glue is a life saver.
Don't tell my husband.

hemp antlers, antler art, antlers in a nursery

Nursery Wall Art.
Once again, the fabulous sister-in-law.
Janae gave this to me at my baby shower.
Love the matching barnwood.

barnwood, barn wood, nursery art

Dresser Re-Do.
Found this guy at savers for $20 and updated the drawer pulls.

cute drawer pulls, nursery drawer pulls

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I think in total, our nursery was a steal.

Paint/Supplies - $55
Crib/Mattress - $130
Barnwood Wall - $0 - Best Gift Ever.
Crib Sheets - $10
Rocker - $130
Canvases - $10
Rug - $24
Curtains/Curtain Rod - $32 - TJ Maxx
Porcelain Elephants - $20
Hemp - $5
Random shelf/stuffed animals and whatnot: $10
Giraffe - $0 - Gifted from my parents when I had a jungle room when I was like 12
Pillows -$0 - Repurposed from old pillows with scrap fabric
Turquoise Throw - $17 - TJ Maxx
Dresser - $35

Total Cost - $478

Yes. $478 includes a crib and rocker. Pretty sure I love this cute room that didn't cost me an arm and a leg.

Hope Jensen likes it when he starts to actually sleep in there. We're working on it.