Monday, September 19, 2011

Little Ricky

Since my parents are vacationing in Italy for the next month, Brent and I are experiencing our first attempt at raising a teenager.  This is my sister Ayrika, better known as Ricky. She is a senior, 17 and probably the least rebellious teenager I know.  Thanks for making our job easy:)

Getting asked to my first prom ('05, yellow dress)

Anyway, last weekend was the Homecoming dance so we had fun getting Ricky all dressed up for her date. Due to having two older sisters, she has a plethora of dresses to select from, so she decided to alter my first prom dress to bring it "up to date" (I'm sooo old, I know).  Well it turned out gorgeous as a knee length party dress and she definitely out did me in it. So fun for us to wear the same dress.